All our stocks are ready in stocks, once we received your payment, we will ship out in one day.

For Monthly lenses, it come in one box two lenses with same power. So if your left and right eyes are different power, please buy two different power boxes. For Yearly lenses, it come in vital per power, you can buy in different power to match in one pair two lenses.

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We restock very often, however you can send email to ask us in more details.

Sorry we do not sell

We would not recommend this since astigmatism and short-sighted are two different things.

Sorry we do not have (+) plus prescription.

You should prefer to your recent Eyetest prescription, all details are listed on that, or you can send your prescription to us, we will recommend the best options for you.

Its normal to have factory defect products, please refer to our refund policy or email us we will assist you on this matter.

We can provide the certificate of origin or our shipment labels, which to ensure our products are directly from the factory.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@prettyhouselens.com.au.